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Being in love is the best thing to happen to anyone but do you know the mantra behind a successful love story? Seek Panditji’s advice.


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Good health, mental, emotional and physical wellness makes life enjoyable and helps with success. Get the best remedies for long lasting health from Panditji.


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Marriage is one of the most beautiful relations, and compatibility is a crucial factor in every marriage. Every marriage has its ups and downs, but sailing through them is necessary to make it work. Seek Panditji’s advice to get through the hurdles.


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Do you consider yourself lacking in opportunities for education and employment? Seek Panditji's guidance and get guaranteed results.


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Marital arguments are common, but sustaining a marriage is what signifies the bond a couple shares. Sailing through the problems and coming out strong strengthens a marriage. Consult Panditji for more.


Love & Marriage

Marrying the person who you are in love with is a dream for all. Consult Panditji to know how to fulfil this dream.


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Discover your future in the present time with accuracy and precision and take the right steps ahead to enjoy a good life. Consult Panditji for more.


Relationship Problems

Hustle and tussle are common in relationships. Lead a happy life together by consulting with Panditji.


Family Problems

Maintaining a work-life balance is tough which leads to various family problems as well. Worry no more and consult Panditji for solutions.



Facing Problems? Jagannath Guruji is Here To Help!

We understand your concerns and would like to help you. Go through the questions below and let us know if you face similar problems, and Panditji will guide you better.

Can astrology give a solution to all your problems?

Definitely yes! Through astrology, you can quickly get solutions for all your life problems. Meet the best astrologer in Bangaluru to get the perfect solution for all your questions.

Can I get a solution for black magic problems in astrology?

Yes! You can get a 100% accurate solution for black magic through astrology. Pandit Jagannath Guruji is also a black magic astrologer who is an expert in giving powerful remedies to remove black magic entirely from your life.

Which branch of astrology gives accurate predictions?

There are different branches of astrology, Vedic, Western, Chinese and Egyptian, but the most accepted branches are Vedic and Western astrology.

When did the concept of Vedic astrology begin?

The concept of Vedic astrology dates back to ancient times. In the classical period, astrology was known as Jyothishya.

Can I get a cure for diseases through astrology?

No, you cannot get a cure for diseases through astrology.

What is the difference between Western and Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology deals with the fixed zodiac, and western astrology deals with the movable zodiac. Contact Pandit Jagannath Guruji to know more about vedic astrology and how it can help you lead a happy and peaceful life.

Can I get a solution to all my love problems through astrology?

Definitely yes! You can quickly get solutions to all your love life problems through pandit Jagannath Guruji.

Can astrology predict a child’s future?

Yes, with the help of a birth chart, you can get accurate predictions.

Can I get predictions for lottery winning through astrology?

No, you cannot get predictions for lottery winning through astrology, but you can get accurate predictions about financial gains and positions. Consult Panditji to know more about your financial benefits.

Can I get predictions for divorce through astrology?

Yes, you can get 100% predictions for divorce through astrology. Meet Pandit Jagannath Guruji to protect your relationship from divorce.